Perforated hanger straps are an indispensable tool for securing infrastructure in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Made of durable galvanized steel with a series of holes punched along their length, these straps provide strength, flexibility and ease of installation unmatched by many other hanging solutions.

copper steel hanger strap

Understanding Perforated Hanger Straps

Perforated hanger straps are available in various widths, thicknesses and load capacities. The perforations allow for adjustability during installation, while the zinc galvanized coating protects against corrosion. Common applications include:

  • Hanging plumbing, HVAC and electrical conduits
  • Securing ductwork and large-diameter piping
  • Mounting solar panels, signs and mechanical equipment

Because of their exceptional tensile strength, perforated straps can support considerable weight, making them well-suited for heavy applications. They are easier to work with than metal channel tracks and provide more flexibility than one-piece brackets.

Installing Perforated Hanger Straps

Installing perforated hanger straps involves basic tools and fasteners:

  1. Measure area and cut strap to required length with tin snips. Add several inches for adjustments.
  2. Position strap against mounting surface and mark hole locations.
  3. Drill clearance holes. Check strap capacity tables for appropriate fastener sizing.
  4. Attach strap through clearance holes with screws or bolts. Use washers to prevent pull-through.
  5. Level item to be hung and tighten fasteners. For long runs, use multiple attachment points.

Advantages Over Other Hanging Methods

Compared to other hanging alternatives, perforated hanger straps provide:

  • Easier alignment than single-piece brackets
  • Quicker installation than welded supports
  • Lower cost than custom fabricated hangers
  • Larger weight capacity than plastic straps or metal wire
  • More flexibility in position than wood blocking

By combining strength, simplicity and flexibility, perforated hangers deliver reliable performance across endless installation scenarios.

Use Cases and Best Practices

Since perforated straps accommodate various arrangements, they can adapt to unique requirements:

Indoor Applications:

  • Suspended ceiling grids, lighting fixtures and cable trays
  • Wall-mounted cabinets, shelves and mechanical equipment
  • Supporting ductwork, large conduits and pipes

Outdoor Applications:

  • Mounting exterior lighting, cameras and conduit runs
  • Securing solar array frameworks
  • Hanging commercial signage and ventilation components

For corrosion resistance, use stainless steel straps outdoors. When supporting heavy loads, utilize multiple strap contact points. Follow all manufacturer specifications and building codes.

The Future of Flexible Fastening

With the growing complexity of modern MEP systems and focus on faster construction schedules, perforated hangers will continue gaining popularity. Their versatility, ease of installation and durability make them a staple across industries. Integrators will continue innovating enhanced corrosion protection and improved load performance.


Offering strength, flexibility and reliability, perforated hanger straps are an essential fastening component for commercial and residential buildings alike. As infrastructure demands intensify, these adaptable steel straps provide robust assistance through simple installation. Perforated hangers’ unique combination of assets makes their future bright as construction’s indispensable helper.


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