Galvanized metal hanger strapping is an incredibly useful product that has a variety of applications for industrial, commercial and residential settings. This versatile strapping is made of thin galvanized steel that has been coated with zinc to prevent rusting and corrosion. The strapping comes in rolls with perforations or holes throughout its length to allow for easy fastening, hanging and securing.

Galvanized Strapping

Why Use Galvanized Metal Strapping

There are many benefits to using galvanized metal hanger strapping over other products:

  • Durability – The galvanized coating gives the steel excellent resistance to corrosion and rust, even when exposed to water or moisture. This allows the strapping to last for many years even in harsh environments.
  • Strength – The steel provides tremendous tensile strength and load bearing capabilities while still remaining thin and lightweight. This combination makes it easy to work with while still being rugged.
  • Versatility – With its perforations and ability to be cut to any length, the strapping can be used in endless applications and formed around objects. Holes allow for screwing, bolting, riveting or attaching in place.
  • Cost-Effective – Galvanized steel strapping is an affordable product, especially compared to materials like copper or stainless steel. The price makes it feasible for large and small-scale uses.
  • Easy Installation – The thin, rollable strapping can be measured, cut and fastened quickly into place without special tools. This saves time and effort during installation.

With its durability, strength, versatility, affordability and easy installation, galvanized metal strapping provides an ideal solution for a wide range of fixing, fastening, hanging and securing needs.

Common Uses of Galvanized Metal Hanger Strapping

Galvanized metal strapping has become a staple product across many industries. Here are some of the most common uses:

Construction and Building

  • Hanging and securing ductwork, pipes, conduits and electrical wiring using methods like 20-gauge galvanized pipe hanger straps
  • Providing bracing between joists, studs and rafters
  • Securing insulation and vapour barriers
  • Banding building materials like lumber, rebar and more

HVAC and Plumbing

  • Suspending ductwork and pipes overhead with galvanized pipe hanger straps
  • Securing insulated water and refrigerant lines
  • Mounting and bracing for condensing units and evaporator coils
  • Anchoring rooftop HVAC equipment

Industrial Assembly and Maintenance

  • Mounting cable trays and cable ladders
  • Hanging conduit, motors, signs and lighting fixtures
  • Bracing shelves, racks, ladders and temporary guardrails
  • Securing loose items or parts during shipping

General Attachment and Fastening

  • Hanging tools, hoses, power cords and garage items
  • Securing bundles of items like rods, tubes, sticks etc.
  • Holding protective covers, tarps or weather barriers
  • Temporary attachments for projects or events

Residential Uses

  • Hanging bikes, shelves, pots and plants with perforated metal or plastic hanger straps
  • Securing gutter downspouts
  • Mounting trellises, fencing, awnings and clotheslines
  • Attaching decorations, artwork and wall hangings

From massive industrial equipment to home decorations, galvanized metal strapping provides a simple and economic solution for endless needs.

Types of Galvanized Metal Hanger Strapping

There are a few main types of galvanized steel strapping that provide slightly different properties:

Plain Metal Strapping

  • Most common and economic option
  • Available in various widths (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″)
  • Offered in light, medium and heavy duty gauges

Perforated Strapping

  • Holes punched throughout at regular intervals
  • Different hole spacing options (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″)
  • Allows for screwed or bolted attachment

Void Strapping

  • Oval voids instead of holes
  • More flexibility and adjustability
  • Can bend around corners and contours

Punched/Slotted Strapping

  • Punches or slots instead of holes
  • Increased strength capacity
  • For heavier duty suspension uses

The perforated and punched/slotted strapping provide more attachment options with their holes and slots while plain and void strapping offer more flexibility.

Benefits for Specific Applications

The versatility of galvanized strapping makes it suitable for meeting the specific needs of different applications.

Electrical Wiring

The perforations allow galvanized strapping to be used to neatly and securely hang electrical wiring overhead or across surfaces. Wires can be easily suspended from ceilings, within cavities or across basement joists while keeping everything organized and properly separated. The strapping protects the integrity of the wiring while providing a professional finish.

Air Conditioning and Heating

For air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, galvanized strapping is ideal for suspending ductwork overhead while allowing convenient access to the underside. The strapping can also secure refrigerant and condensate drain lines. For heating systems, galvanized bands are perfect for properly spacing and supporting finned tube radiation and baseboard heating pipes. This keeps everything neatly aligned and makes maintenance easier.

Industrial Assembly

In industrial settings, galvanized strapping is the ideal product for hanging conduit, cable trays, motors, signs, lighting fixtures and any other equipment from ceilings and beams. It provides a secure mount while allowing adjustment and accessibility. The strapping is also commonly used for bracing shelves, racks, ladders and temporary railings. And it offers an economical way to safely secure parts and products during shipping.


Galvanized strapping can be used to properly suspend copper water pipes, PVC drains and waste pipes. By providing fixed points for hanging, it prevents pipes from sagging over time and allows them to be neatly organized and spaced. The strapping also simplifies alignments when connecting multiple pipes in sequence. This helps plumbing systems maintain structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Gardening and Landscaping

For outdoor residential uses, galvanized metal strapping offers many benefits. It can be used to construct long lasting trellises, arbours and fencing while resisting corrosion from weather exposure. The perforated bands allow for easy fastening and shaping around curves. And the strapping can securely hang pots, tools or hoses along garage and shed walls while keeping them organized. The galvanized finish and holes provide durability, strength and versatility for a range of gardening and landscaping needs.

How to Use Galvanized Metal Hanger Strapping

Installing galvanized strapping is a quick and easy process:

  • Measure and cut the strapping to the desired length using tin snips or a hacksaw. Add a few extra inches.
  • Bend the end over to create a finished edge so the rough cut edge doesn’t scratch anything.
  • Position where you want to mount the strapping and mark the holes.
  • Drill clearance holes in the mounting surface if needed.
  • Use self-tapping screws, bolts with washers, or rivets to attach the metal hanger strap.
  • For pipes, wrap the strapping around the pipe and secure back onto itself.
  • Use pi​pe strap clamps for additional holding power.
  • Check that everything is securely fastened.

With these simple steps, you can easily install galvanized strapping for endless residential, commercial and industrial uses.


With its unique combination of strength, durability, versatility and affordability, galvanized metal hanger strapping is the ideal product for an incredibly wide range of applications. It brings convenience, professionalism and reliability to any project. And its resistance to rust and rot allows it to provide decades of hassle-free service. For your next building, construction, industrial, commercial or residential project, be sure to take advantage of the many benefits offered by this amazing galvanized steel strapping. It will quickly become your go-to item for safely and securely hanging, fastening, banding, bracing, attaching and suspending whatever you need.


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