In factories, commercial buildings, and infrastructure projects everywhere, perforated metal hanger straps provide a simple and effective way to securely mount pipes, tubes, ducts, cables, and more. These adjustable metal straps can be cut to length and bent to fit a wide range of applications. With holes or slots punched along their length, the perforated metal hanger straps can be fastened using standard hardware. This article will explore the key properties of these ubiquitous perforated metal hanger straps, proper installation techniques, creative uses beyond plumbing, and how they compare to other pipe hanging methods.

Securing Loads and Structures With Durable Perforated Steel Banding

What are Perforated Metal Hanger Straps?

Perforated metal hanger straps, also called plumbers tape or band hangers, are thin strips of metal that have repetitive perforations running down their length. They are produced from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or even plastic. The most common thickness is 30 gauge (0.3 mm).

The holes allow the perforated metal hanger straps to be easily cut to any required size using basic snips or shears. After bending smoothly around pipes or ducts, the perforations line up with joists or ceilings for fastening with screws, bolts, or hooks. This adjustability makes perforated metal hanger straps a versatile suspension solution.

Key Properties of Perforated Metal Hanger Straps

Perforated metal hanger straps have many useful strengths:

  • Adjustable – Can be sized to suspend any diameter pipe or duct. Optimal support points can be chosen.
  • Durable – Withstand corrosion, abrasion, and degradation. Galvanized and stainless steel options have very long lifespans.
  • Lightweight – Weighs minimally per foot length, reducing loading on building structures.
  • Versatile – Suit most piping and ducting material types including steel, copper, PVC etc.
  • Fireproof – Metal straps won’t burn or melt like plastic hangers. Important safety aspect.
  • Cost-Effective – Significantly cheaper than specialized pipe hangers and clamps.
  • Minimal Disruption – Easily retrofitted on existing systems with minimal downtime or changes.

Easy Alignment – Sideways adjustability allows perfect pipe positioning.

Specifying Perforated Metal Hanger Straps

Perforated metal hanger straps can be purchased with the following range of specifications:

  • Materials – Galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics like nylon or polypropylene
  • Widths – 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, 4″ etc. Often 1-1/2″ for general use.
  • Gauges – Standard 30 gauge (0.3 mm). Heavier 22 gauge and 18 gauge for heavy loads.
  • Coatings – Plain, PVC-coated, or vinyl coated for corrosion and chemical resistance.
  • Strengths – 100 to 700 lb ratings based on dimensions and material.
  • Perforations – Round, square, or slotted holes. Larger openings simplify bolt alignment.
  • Lengths – 25 to 200 foot rolls. Custom cut lengths are also available.

Installation Directions for Perforated Metal Hanger Straps

Mounting pipes and ducts with perforated metal hanger straps is fast and straightforward:

  • Measure and cut strap to necessary length using snips or shears. Make it at least 2” longer than the pipe circumference.
  • Bend the strap smoothly around the pipe or duct to grip evenly. Avoid sharp kinks.
  • Position for level hanging. Mark ceiling/beam locations matching the strap hole spacing.
  • Drill pilot holes for fasteners in overhead mounting surface.
  • Use bolts, screws, or other hardware to attach both strap ends securely. Verify pipe is firmly held before releasing.
  • For long runs, space hangers every 4 to 6 feet depending on weight.
  • Add clamps like cushion clamps to anchor straps firmly to pipes and prevent sliding.

With the basics understood, perforated metal hanger straps can be installed rapidly using ordinary tools.

Advantages Over Pipe Clamps and Hangers

While there are many styles of cast, stamped, and fabricated pipe hangers and clamps, perforated metal hanger straps provide unique benefits:

  • Lower Cost – Galvanized or stainless steel straps cost far less than heavy duty welded hangers.
  • Lightweight – Weigh 80-90% less than steel pipe clamps, reducing structural support needs.
  • Flexibility – Pipes can be shifted easily by relocating straps. Hangers are fixed.
  • Adjustability – A few strap sizes can accommodate a broad range of pipe diameters.
  • Installation Speed – Perforations allow quick bolting to joists and ceilings.
  • Simplicity – No need to stock multiple specialized hanger designs.
  • Retrofitting – Easily added to existing piping without major modifications.

Where affordable flexibility is needed, perforated metal hanger straps deliver.

Creative Applications Beyond Plumbing Supports

With some imagination, perforated metal hanger straps can suspend and support many non-traditional items:

  • Mounting cable trays, conduit, and cable ladders
  • Hanging industrial fluorescent light fixtures
  • Securing ductwork like exhaust vents and air conditioning ducts
  • Organizing warehouse racking and overhead storage
  • Building home gymnastics setups and fitness rigs
  • Suspending workshop tools, air hoses, and accessories
  • Creating under-shelf lighting strips and task lights
  • Mounting custom artwork, paintings, and decorative items
  • Constructing clotheslines and plant pot hangers
  • Building aviary perches and reptile cage supports
  • Holding banners, advertisements, room dividers
  • DIY underbody vehicle lighting mounts

The simplicity and adjustability of perforated metal hanger straps enables creative anchoring solutions for weights up to 100 lb.

Pro Tips for Safe Perforated Metal Hanger Strap Use

While easy to install, some professional tips ensure safe and long-lasting perforated metal hanger strap applications:

  • Select width based on pipe circumference – too narrow risks damage while too wide allows movement.
  • Align strap perforations with pipe centerlines for balanced support.
  • Use appropriately sized washers to prevent strap hole stretching.
  • Do not exceed rated load capacities. Space supports according to pipe specs.
  • Inspect periodically for damage corrosion, and retighten any loose straps.
  • Isolate pipes from straps with rubber sleeves where vibration is high.
  • Avoid hanging high temperature steam lines from plastic or vinyl straps.
  • Place hazard identification signs for regulated dangerous materials piping.

With proper installation and maintenance, perforated straps provide secure long-term pipe supports.

Industrial Applications of Perforated Metal Hanger Straps

Perforated metal hanger straps are extensively used in industrial settings for pipelines and services:

Factories – Hanging process piping, compressed air, water treatment systems, and plumbing above equipment. Provides flexibility for changes.

Refineries – Safely securing acid, solvent, gas, and flare piping of all sizes. Suits temporary lines.

Power Plants – Mounting large hot water pipes, steam, condensate returns. Withstands vibration forces.

Wastewater Treatment – Corrosion-resistant supports across clarifiers, aeration tanks, and filter beds for decades.

Mine Processing – Rugged galvanized or stainless steel straps resist dust and chemicals while providing lightweight suspension.

Food & Beverage – Easily ties new equipment and valves into existing CIP cleaning, product, and utility lines.

Perforated metal hanger straps facilitate the safe expansion and rearrangement of pipelines in any facility.

Galvanized Steel – The Ideal Hanger Strap Material

Hot-dip galvanized steel is the most popular and best performing perforated metal hanger strap material with these advantages:

Strength – The ideal compromise between high tensile strength and formability. 30 gauge holds 100 lb+ loads.

Corrosion Resistance – Zinc coating prevents rust and withstands industrial chemicals far better than bare steel.

Cost-Effectiveness – Galvanized steel is the most affordable strap material.

Conductivity – Provides effective bonding between pipes. Essential for cathodic protection.

Fire Rating – Non-combustible and handles over 1000°F. Critical for fire sprinklers.

Recyclability – Fully recyclable for major embodied energy savings over plastics.

For the widest range of applications, galvanized steel is the premier perforated metal hanger strap material. The zinc coating will sacrificially protect the base steel for decades even on cut edges.

Plastic Perforated Straps Where Metal Cannot Be Used

Plastic like polypropylene or Teflon® (PTFE) is useful for perforated metal hanger straps where chemicals or water purity preclude metals:

  • Chemical Resistance – Compatible with a wide range of corrosive acids, caustics, and solvents.
  • Non-Conductive – Dielectric property prevents short circuits in sensitive power and signal lines.
  • Pure Water Systems – Prevents zinc contamination in pharmaceutical, food, and electronics water pipes.
  • Insulation – Plastic wrap around pipes provides thermal and vapor barrier insulation.
  • Light Duty – Best for pipes under 50 lb, in temperatures below 120°F.
  • UV-Resistant – Carbon black and stabilizers prevent sunlight degradation outdoors.

So for non-metallic and aggressive chemical piping, plastic straps are the optimal choice. They also insulate pipes from metal joists.


With their adjustable perforated design, perforated metal hanger straps provide unmatched versatility and value for suspending pipes, tubes, ducts, conduits, and cables. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and simplify changes to existing mechanical systems. For both industrial and commercial settings, they are the ideal way to manage infrastructure for generations to come. Perforated metal hanger straps will continue to provide reliable adjustable support as facilities evolve.


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