Metal hole straps, sometimes called perforated metal straps or banding straps, are strips of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel or other metals punctured with repetitive hole patterns. We’ll examine metal hole strap capabilities, applications, usage recommendations plus alternatives.

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Binding and Securing Items with Metal Hole Straps

A major use of metal hole straps involves neatly binding components:

  • Collections of pipes, bars, rods
  • Wired bundles or cable groups
  • Shipping crates and cargo
  • Hoses, cords, and accessory lines

Metal hole straps prevent shifting during transport while protecting softer contents. Streamlined installation of metal hole straps maximizes efficiency when managing inventory flows. The organized hole sequencing also enables rapid securing of structural members.

Framing Connections Using Metal Hole Straps

In building construction, metal hole straps join framing pieces to form enclosures and structural frameworks:

  • Wood or steel wall studs
  • Roof systems with rafters and joists
  • Modular aluminum struts
  • Fence or wall paneling
  • Racks, shelving and platforms

Metal hole straps withstand heavy tension and compression forces within frames. Their flexibility eliminates messy field welding.

Mounting Various Items with Metal Hole Straps

The holes punctured in metal hole straps also facilitate mounting various equipment by simply bolting through the openings:

  • Conduit runs, raceways, cable trays
  • Ductwork, exhaust piping
  • Electrical enclosures, control boxes
  • Lighting fixtures, cameras, sensors

This permits adjustable positioning not possible with welded brackets.

Working With Metal Hole Straps

Here are some tips for utilizing metal hole straps effectively:

Clean Contact Surfaces

Degrease and remove particles from surfaces where metal hole straps will attach for optimal load transfer.

Drill Precise Pilot Holes

Use exact drill bits matching bolt diameters to prevent tearing metal or adjacent layers.

Allow For Expansion Forces

Leave some play when binding long sections to permit thermal growth and contraction.

Use Alignment Clamping Frames

Temporary clamps accurately orient multiple metal hole straps during drilling and bolt installation.

Metal Hole Straps In Concrete Applications

Metal hole straps also provide advantages in concrete and masonry builds:

Securing Concrete Formwork

Pass ties through holes to securely brace formwork boards when pouring foundations.

Reinforcing Masonry Courses

Weave metal hole straps through bricks, blocks or stone to align courses and strengthen mortar connections.

Binding Rebar Components

Use holes to tie together steel rebar mats and cages inside poured concrete.


The organized hole arrangements make metal hole straps a versatile heavy duty fastener supporting thousands of pounds across infrastructure sectors. Quick installation plus rugged strength cements the metal hole strap as an essential industrial component across engineering disciplines.


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