Fixing bands, also known as hose clamps or pipe clamps, are wavy perforated bands made of metal that can be tightened to secure hoses, pipes, wires, cables, and other cylindrical objects. These plastic coated fixing bands are extremely versatile and have many applications when attaching objects regardless of their shape. They also have a variety of DIY applications around the home, from installing shelving, to hanging plants, to securing materials in the garage or workshop.

fixing bands

This versatile product can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. Here are some of the main uses of all round fixing bands:

Construction Industry Relies on Fixing Bands

In construction, fixing bands are commonly used to:

  • Secure pipes, ducts, conduits, and other building materials
  • Provide additional support for structural components like beams and columns
  • Secure roofing materials, siding, and panels to the underlying structure

Contractors often use perforated metal fixing bands because they are adjustable, reusable, and corrosion resistant. The ribbed design also provides excellent grip. Fixing bands are a fast and secure way to attach materials on a construction site.

Plumbing and HVAC Systems Depend on Them

Fixing bands have many important uses in plumbing and HVAC systems:

  • Secure ductwork, vents, and ventilation system components
  • Attach and support pipes including water supply lines, drains, gas lines, etc.
  • Fasten insulation around ducts and pipes to prevent heat loss
  • Secure flexible connectors and joints in plumbing and gas lines
  • Provide reliable, adjustable connections for repairs and alterations

The tight seal and strong hold of fixing bands help create efficient, durable plumbing and HVAC systems able to withstand vibration and pressure fluctuations.

Organizing Electrical and Data Cables

Perforated plastic coated fixing bands are ideal for bundling and organizing electrical wiring and cables including:

  • Power cables
  • Network and data cables
  • Coaxial and fiber optic cables
  • Telephone and security system wires

Proper cable management with fixing bands protects wires from damage, prevents tangled messes, and makes tracing individual cables simpler. They allow neat, adjustable bundling for a professional look.

Versatile Fixing Bands for Agriculture and Farming

On farms and agricultural operations, useful applications of fixing bands include:

  • Securing irrigation lines and water pipes to stakes or posts
  • Trellising plants by attaching vines, stalks, and branches to trellises
  • Fastening fencing wire and mesh fencing to posts
  • Holding protective covers, netting, and row covers over plants and crops
  • Attaching components in animal housing and equipment
  • Securing hoses, tools, and equipment in barns and work buildings

The durability and corrosion resistance suits the rough conditions found on farms. Fixing bands hold up better than twine or wire.

Use in Manufacturing and Industrial Settings

Fixing bands securely fasten hoses, pipes, tubing, bundles of wires, and many other components in manufacturing facilities and industrial settings. Specific applications include:

  • Attaching hoses and tubing to equipment and machinery
  • Securing pneumatic lines, hydraulic lines, lubrication systems
  • Managing bundles of control wires and power cables
  • Holding sensors, gauges, and other instrumentation in place
  • Providing adjustable clamps for repairs, modifications, and temporary connections

Wavy perforated fixing bands stand up to oils, solvents, vibration, and other common conditions in manufacturing plants. They deliver reliable, long-lasting connections.

Fixing Bands for Automotive and Equipment Maintenance

Mechanics often use fixing bands when working on vehicles and equipment. Typical uses include:

  • Securing hoses, fuel lines, brake lines, and other tubing
  • Fastening wiring harnesses and cable looms
  • Attaching sensors and other components to the chassis and engine
  • Providing adjustable, reusable clamps for repairs and modifications
  • Holding protective covers and shields in place

The tight seal and vibration resistance provided by fixing bands supports proper functioning and protection for automotive systems.

Diverse Fixing Band Uses Around the Home

For homeowners and DIYers, useful fixing band applications include:

  • Hanging pots, plants, and lighting from ceilings, beams, and pipes
  • Securing shelving, storage racks, and workshop tables to walls
  • Binding handles to tools like brooms, shovels, rakes
  • Fastening tarps, plastic sheeting, and covers over woodpiles, machinery, etc.
  • Organizing cables and wires behind TVs, computers, and appliances
  • Temporary repairs for leaky hoses, cracked pipes, and loose wiring
  • Securing luggage racks, bike racks, and other accessories to vehicles

All round fixing bands enable homeowners to neatly and securely fasten all kinds of items around the house, garage, and yard. Their adjustable grip makes them useful for odd jobs and temporary fixes.


As this overview illustrates, perforated fixing bands are an incredibly versatile product that can be used in many different industries, trades, and DIY applications. Their adjustable, ribbed grip and corrosion resistant materials make them a reliable, cost-effective solution for securing hoses, pipes, wires, cables, and many other items. Fixing bands deliver a strong, tight hold and stand up to harsh conditions across a wide variety of uses. Their flexibility and ease of installation make them a staple item for professionals and homeowners alike.


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