Perforated Metal Bands – The Ultimate Fixing and Mounting Solution

by | Oct 7, 2023

Perforated metal bands, commonly known as steel strapping, are an incredibly adaptable and useful product for temporarily or permanently fixing, securing, joining, hanging or suspending a huge variety of items across many trade and DIY applications. With the ability to be simply cut, bent, and shaped by hand, Masters steel strapping provide a quick and reliable solution for unexpected issues encountered during projects.

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What are Perforated Metal Bands?

Perforated metal bands consist of thin strips of metal sheet that have been punched with regular patterns of holes along their length. The holes allow fasteners, ties or fixings to be inserted anywhere along the band in order to secure it in place. Masters steel strapping are available in steel, stainless steel or aluminium, in a wide range of thicknesses, widths, strengths and hole shapes.

Key Features

  • Sold in dispenser boxes for convenient storage
  • Easily cut to required lengths with tin snips
  • Can be bent and formed by hand as needed
  • Pre-punched holes for nails, screws, bolts or other fixings
  • Load rated up to 150kg when installed properly
  • Custom branding, widths and configurations available

Suitable Materials

The most suitable material depends on the application and working environment:

  • Galvanized Steel – The cost-effective option for typical indoor and outdoor uses. Provides good strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless Steel – For highly corrosive or wet environments. Highest strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminium – Lightweight and conductive. Used where these properties are needed. Lower strength than steel.

Applications and Uses

With some creativity and problem-solving, Masters steel strapping can provide quick and easy fixes for many unexpected situations across trade, commercial and DIY applications.

Construction and Building

On any building site, having a versatile method to securely join, hang or brace miscellaneous items saves time and money. Typical applications include:

  • Hanging temporary electrical wiring, ducting or plumbing pipes
  • Securing insulation, vapor barriers or retaining mesh
  • Bracing wall frames and trusses until sheeting is added
  • Suspending ducting and services from roof structures
  • Anchoring mid-height handrails, balustrades or barriers

Advantages Over Wire Fixings

  • Adjustable fixings to suit all spacing requirements
  • Pre-punched holes for quicker installation
  • Less risk of injuries from loose wire ends
  • Neater, more professional finish

HVAC and Plumbing

Masters steel strapping provide a quick method to hang, join or support ductwork, pipes and associated equipment:

  • Hanging ducting, trunking and ventilation components
  • Mounting manifold brackets, clips and valves
  • Joining pipework segments into complete assemblies
  • Attaching insulation wrap and vapor barriers
  • Securing flexible exhaust hoses and extractor ducts

Electrical and Data Installations

The ability to safely, securely and reversibly mount cable trays, conduits and junction boxes is highly useful:

  • Securing cable trays and wiring channels
  • Mounting PVC conduit along walls and ceilings
  • Suspending junction box enclosures
  • Anchoring temporary power during shopfit outs
  • Supporting data cabling and fiber optic runs

Automotive and Machinery

Need to securely mount pipes, looms, guards or panels? Masters steel strapping can handle it:

  • Mounting flexible brake lines, fuel pipes and heat shields
  • Securing electrical wiring looms and control cables
  • Attaching mudflaps, stone guards and protective panels
  • Suspending exhaust system components
  • Supporting oil, cooling and air hoses and pipes

Camping and Outdoors

Masters steel strapping have many uses around the campsite or building outdoor structures:

  • Cut into lengths to tie down tarps
  • Hang camping lanterns and lighting
  • Securing ropes and guy lines for tents
  • Building temporary washing lines
  • Stringing temporary electric wiring or hose piping

General Home and Farm DIY

Around the home, farm or workshop, countless uses will be found:

  • Building temporary enclosures or gates for pets
  • Hanging workshop lighting or extension cords
  • Securing loose fencing wire
  • Mounting warning signs or makeshift repairs
  • Temporary clamps or fasteners during repairs

Product Specifications

Masters steel strapping are produced in a wide range of sizes and specifications to suit all requirements:


  • Length – Up to 20 metre coils or 10 metre dispenser boxes
  • Width – From super narrow 6mm to 100mm+
  • Thickness – Starting at 0.5mm up to 1.2mm+


  • Galvanized Steel – Zinc coating for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless Steel – Natural silver finish, highest corrosion resistance
  • Aluminium – Silver colored, lightweight
  • PVC Coating – For insulation and extra corrosion protection

Hole Patterns

  • Round, square and elongated hole shapes
  • Diverse hole spacing options
  • Single or double horizontal rows
  • Unique diagonal and wave patterns


  • Custom printing available on request
  • Ideal for OEMs and specialized applications
  • Printed text, logos or sequential numbering

Installation Tips

Correctly installing Masters steel strapping ensures they perform as expected:

  • Use suitable fixings – screws, bolts, nails, cable ties etc.
  • Space fixings at 100 – 200mm intervals along the band
  • Align band holes with the support spacing
  • Bend bands by hand – do not over-bend or kink
  • Smooth out any kinks which reduce load capacity
  • Use two fixings per hole when suspending heavy objects
  • Ensure the band is not allowed to slide from side to side


With their proven versatility, strength and ease of installation, perforated Masters steel strapping represent an extremely useful addition to any professional toolkit or home DIY collection. A quality brand like Masters delivers reliable performance across countless fixing, joining and mounting applications. Keeping a selection of widths, metals, and coatings on hand ensures you’ve got the right band for any job.


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