Metal straps with evenly spaced holes punched along their length, known as perforated hanger straps or band iron, provide an adjustable and versatile mounting solution for a wide variety of construction and installation projects. This durable hardware referred to as metal strapping with holes or metal strap with holes allows secure hanging and positioning of pipes, cables, lighting, signage, tools, and anything else that requires reliable support.


Metal strap with holes, commonly called perforated hanger strap or band iron in construction contexts, refers to strips of strong metal that have holes punched at regular intervals along their length. The holes allow for adjustable positioning, hanging, and mounting of the metal strapping with holes or metal straps with holes. By sliding the strap to the desired position and tightening it down at any point across the perforations, the metal strap with holes can be secured precisely where needed.

With their flexibility, weight bearing capability, and resistance to bending, heavy duty metal straps with holes offer numerous benefits for construction activities and industrial installations where reliable support and hanging systems are required.

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Uses of Metal Strap with Holes in Construction

Metal strapping with holes or metal straps with holes have a wide variety of applications in commercial and residential construction settings:

Hanging Ductwork, Pipes, Conduit with Metal Strap with Holes

The ability to easily adjust metal straps with holes makes them ideal for mounting and suspending ductwork, pipes, conduit, and other mechanical systems. The perforations allow the straps to be positioned and tightened anywhere along the length for level hanging, even on uneven surfaces. The metal construction supports heavy weights.

Organizing Electrical Connections with Metal Strap with Holes

Electricians commonly use 1/2 inch metal straps with holes to neatly route and organize electrical conduit and wiring connections. The adjustability enables precise positioning of cables and control over spacing.

Installing Lighting and Signs using Metal Strap with Holes

Contractors often rely on flexible metal strap with holes when mounting exterior lighting, commercial signs, cameras, and other fixtures on buildings and poles. The flexibility of adjustments makes achieving the perfect positioning and angle much easier.

Building Storage Solutions using Metal Strap with Holes

In industrial settings like warehouses and self-storage facilities, galvanized metal strapping with holes are handy for DIY shelving units, utility racks, and other storage solutions that require sturdy supports. The perforated design allows fully customizable shelf and rack configurations.

Securing Equipment with Metal Strap with Holes

At construction sites and in maintenance shops, stainless steel metal straps with holes mounted vertically on walls provide a way to securely store tools, ladders, and equipment safely off the ground when space is limited. The adjustable strips hold items firmly.

Composition of Metal Strap with Holes

Metal straps with holes are most often made from galvanized steel or stainless steel:

Common Materials

  • Galvanized Steel – Most affordable option, steel is coated with zinc to resist rusting. Best for indoor applications and can be found at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes.
  • Stainless Steel – More rust and corrosion resistant for outdoor and wet area use where galvanized steel would be insufficient.
  • Aluminum – Lightweight material sometimes used for specialty decorative straps but has less strength than steel.

Manufacturing Process

The perforations are made using punch and die machines that cut uniform, evenly spaced holes into strips fed from coils of steel sheeting. This cold forming process makes each hole clean, consistent, and precisely located along the length of the galvanized metal strap with holes.

Many metal straps with holes are galvanized or powder coated after punching for extra durability. Plastic dips or vinyl coatings can also be applied for use on sensitive mounting surfaces.

Design Options

Some available design options for metal strapping with holes include:

  • Rounded edges for safer handling
  • Ribbed indentations between holes for grip
  • Notched holes to allow angled attachment
  • Plastic coatings to prevent scratching
  • Increased hole density for more adjustability

Properties of Metal Strap with Holes

When selecting metal banding strap with holes, key factors to consider include:

Weight Capacity

This designates the maximum weight the metal strapping with holes can support. Standard ratings range from 25 lbs up to 150 lbs or more. Heavier duty options are made for increased loads.

Hole Size and Spacing Configurations

Common hole diameters are 1/4”, 5/16”, and 3/8”. Hole spacing is typically 1” but wider gaps are also used. Narrower spacing allows for smaller adjustment increments.

Available Lengths and Thicknesses

Metal straps with holes come in 12”, 24”, 36”, 48” lengths or longer. Thicknesses range from thin 24 gauge to strong 14 gauge steel. Thicker strap supports more weight.

Installing Metal Strap with Holes

To safely and effectively install metal strapping with holes:

Properly Measuring Spacing

Take precise measurements and space supports appropriately based on the load requirements. Follow manufacturer specifications for load capacity and span distances.

Selecting Suitable Hardware

Choose mounting screws, bolts, anchors that are appropriately sized for the thickness of the metal straps with holes and the weights to be supported.

Allowing Adjustability

When cutting strap to length, allow several extra inches on both ends to enable adjustability for leveling and fitting.

Securing Contents Evenly

Distribute heavy loads across multiple straps spaced at frequent intervals to prevent excess loading. Tighten and secure contents firmly using the perforations.

Innovative Uses of Metal Strap with Holes

Beyond expected construction applications, galvanized metal strapping with holes also have many handy household uses:

Workshop and Garage Storage

Mounted on walls or ceilings, metal straps with holes provide a way to neatly organize and store tools, sporting goods, gardening supplies, and anything else needed in the workshop or garage.

Decorative Hanging Applications

The adjustability of the perforated straps allows secure and level display of hanging lights, plants, artwork, signs and other decorative items.

Securing Cargo Carriers

Vehicle owners often rely on heavy duty metal straps with holes to mount roof storage bags, bike racks, kayak carriers, and other transport add-ons securely.


Metal strapping with holes provide an indispensable mounting and hanging solution for construction sites, industrial facilities, businesses, and households. With benefits like strength, durability, adjustability, and affordability, these perforated metal straps deliver versatile support for infrastructure, mechanical systems, storage solutions, tools, and decorative items alike. Understanding the capabilities of metal straps with holes enables innovative use cases and an easier installation process for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers.


Q: Where can I buy metal strap with holes?

A: Metal strapping with holes can be purchased at hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards, or from industrial suppliers.

Q: What metals work best for outdoor use?

A: Stainless steel is the most corrosion resistant option for outdoor metal strap with hole applications.

Q: What tools do I need to install metal straps with holes?

A: Commonly used tools include drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, hacksaws, tape measures, levels, and marking devices.

Q: How much weight can heavy duty metal straps with holes hold?

A: Heavy duty options are available that can safely support over 150 pounds. Check manufacturer specs.

Q: Can metal strap with holes support overhead loads?

A: Yes, they are well suited for mounting and hanging items overhead when properly installed.


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