Steel strapping solutions empower Australian industries to safely manage heavy and irregular loads. As the nation’s leading specialist in high-grade steel strapping, load security runs through their DNA. That’s why Masters tirelessly advance strapping technologies to simplify binding, streamline transportation, and protect investments across sectors.

Their newest innovation – the versatile Perforated Hanger Strap – makes securing pipe, conduit, cables, and more utterly effortless. Let’s explore the features and functionality that position this rugged galvanized strap for paradigm-shifting potential.

Masters steel strapping

Challenges With Conventional Hanger Strapping Methods

Transporting conduits, cylinders, tubing, or cable bundles presents unique load security hurdles compared to boxed freight. Their shape and lack of flat contact surfaces limit strapping effectiveness. Traditionally, workers mount these assets to rigging with basic lashing methods like:

  • Rope or Twine – Slow to wrap/tie down each pipe and cuts easily. Limited friction grip.
  • Ratchet Straps – Awkward fitting around round objects. Straps loosen over time and transport.
  • Plastic Cable Ties – Don’t withstand load forces or outdoor exposure over long hauls.

Such legacy binding approaches not only demand substantial labor input tying/untying loads, but critically lack reliable stability too. Shifting pipes risk catastrophe if they break free in transit and collide with other cargo or people.

Clearly the sector sorely lacked purpose-built solutions up to heavy-duty stability standards. Recognizing this need, Jiangmen Masters R&D engineers conceived an innovative new binding system meeting the safety and efficiency marks of their premier steel strapping range.

Revolutionizing Pipe & Conduit Mounting With Perforated Hanger Straps

Perforated Hanger Straps integrate the unmatched ruggedness of high-grade galvanized steel with an ingenious pre-punched hole design for dramatically simplified mounting of awkward assets.

Specifically engineered for bundling and mounting cylindrical items like:

  • Electrical Conduits & Piping
  • Ducting, Tubing & Hoses
  • Fluid Transfer Lines
  • Power Cables & Cord Bundles

These revolutionary straps finally empower rapid yet reliable conduit transport and storage.

Effortless Mounting Perforations

The key innovation within Perforated Hanger Straps is the strap body punctuated with numerous mounting holes. Spaced at regular intervals aligned with conventional frame stud spacing, the holes enable securing straps directly to rigging with screws, bolts or fasteners without any prep.

Workers simply position pipes/cables onto the strap surface, then drive fasteners through existing holes into load bearing structures like:

  • Pallet Rack Uprights
  • Vehicle Wall Panels
  • Storage Shelving Posts
  • Transport Trailer Frames

It’s secure stabilizing simplified. No more wrestling with ties or awkward ratchet mechanisms. Mounting that once dragged on for hours now unfolds swiftly thanks to the pre-punched innovation.

Worker securing electrical pipes against truck wall using perforated hanger straps

Compact & Convenient Dispensing

Rather than struggle with loose straps or beams of coiled steel weighing down personnel, Jiangmen Masters configure Perforated Hanger Straps into optimized 30 meter bulk spools for easy dispensing.

The compact spool design takes up minimal storage space while allowing quick payout of custom strap lengths on-demand. Simply pull and cut needed sizes directly from the ergonomic spool via included strap cutters. No more struggling with fixed lengths or messy bundles.

Rugged Galvanized Steel Durability

Adhering to Jiangmen Masters’ stringent quality benchmarks for commercial stability, Perforated Hanger Straps utilize heavy-duty galvanized steel measuring 0.7mm thick by 19mm wide.

The thick steel composition resists stretching or damage from load forces far beyond conventional lashing alternatives to keep conduits firmly restrained enroute. And the galvanized coating prevents corrosion from outdoor exposure for long operational lifetimes.

Count on the proven steel grade securing Australia’s heaviest cargo now focused into an innovative strap form to simplify conduit control.

Unleashing the Potential of Perforated Hanger Straps

Conduit & Cable Transport

The innate flexibility of Perforated Hanger Straps to wrap securely around cylindrical loads delivers ideal pipe and cable stabilization for freight transport. The perforations enable fastening directly to trailer walls via bolts to safely withstand all road vibrations and jolting.

Gone are worries of shorted cables or dislodged pipes falling mid-transit. Proper steadying finally exists for conduits of all types.

Warehouse Racking & Shelving

The pre-punched holes also effortlessly fasten loads right to the vertical posts of warehouse shelving, racking towers and mezzanine structures. Companies can utilize their existing storage infrastructure to neatly arrange all matter of piping, hoses and tubing. No more complicated custom brackets or supports.

Construction Site Organisation

Building crews save monumental time by quickly bundling loose materiel with Perforated Hanger Straps to keep sites organized. The versatility to mount pipes, electrical lines, ducting, tools or supplies directly to scaffolding, sheds, containers or vehicles via the strap holes maintains order through all project phases.

The potential applications are vast thanks to the universal nature of cables and pipes across sectors. Purposefully designed Perforated Hanger Straps unlock smarter, safer transport methods.

Conclusion – The Future of Load Binding Simplified

Jiangmen Masters stripped conduit binding down to its core requirements, then engineered the ideal solution through Perforated Hangar Straps. What seemed an immutable rigging chore is now simplified and error-proofed.

Yet this runway innovation remains just the beginning for Jiangmen Masters as they further integrate smart concepts into steel strapping mainstays. Because improving safety and construction efficiency never stops. Especially for the nation’s leading strapping specialists.

The Last Word – Key Perforated Hanger Strap Facts:

  • Pre-Punched Holes Simplify Mounting
  • Dispenses From Handy Bulk Spools
  • Thick, Durable Galvanized Steel
  • Designed Specifically for Pipes & Cables
  • Optimizes Transport, Storage & Worksites

As materials evolve, so too will the Jiangmen Masters line of strapping solutions. But the Perforated Hanger Strap stands today as an apex binding advancement.


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