Perforated metal hanger straps are an indispensable component in many construction and industrial settings. Often used to hang pipes, cables, and ductwork, these galvanized steel straps, also known as Metal strap hangers, provide strong support thanks to their series of holes or slots. As with any building material purchase, not all Punched metal straps or perforated hanger straps are created equal. Several key factors should guide your buying decision when acquiring these items.

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Hanger Strap Gauge

 It’s vital to emphasize that the gauge, which represents the thickness of the steel, stands as a paramount factor when choosing perforated hanger straps. Essentially, gauge quantifies the thickness of Metal perforation straps or sheet metal by weighing it per square foot. For hanger straps, such as Support straps with holes, the typical gauges usually fluctuate between 22 and 24.

Strap Width

Hanger strap width, often referred to as Metallic support bands, is another important consideration that impacts strength and load capacity. Wider straps, like Punched strap hangers, obviously provide more surface contact area with the suspended component. Common widths are 3/4″, 1-1/4″, 2″ and up. Here are some quick width guidelines:

 • 3/4″ – Good for hanging small conduit or piping under 2″ diameter.

 • 1-1/4″ – The most common width used for conduit up to 4″ and ducting under 16″.

 • 2″ – Extra wide Heavy-duty metal hangers strap for large piping, ducts, cable trays, and other heavy components. Matching strap width to the size of the suspended component provides better load distribution and reduces the risk of bending or damage.

Hole Size and Pattern

The perforations or holes along the length of the Perforated mounting strips or strap also require consideration. Hole size affects strength so smaller holes, as seen in Duct hanging supports, are better for heavy loads. Typical hole diameters are 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″ and up. Common hole patterns include:

 Center Punch – A single centered hole pattern that provides maximum strength.

 • Slotted – Horizontal slots that allow more adjustability when hanging components.

 • Standard Round – Evenly spaced round perforations along the strap length.

• Staggered – Alternating offset round holes, like those in Utility hanger bands, that offer greater flexibility.

Evaluate hole size and pattern options based on the adjustability needs and the weight of items being supported. Center punch patterns are best for heavy static loads while slotted and staggered designs provide more versatility.

Load Rating

Product load ratings specify the maximum weight capacity for a perforated hanger strap installed per code requirements. Ratings vary based on material gauge, width, and hole pattern. Load ratings, relevant for Steel hanger supports, are commonly expressed in terms of:

 Pounds per linear foot – Maximum load capacity per linear foot of strap.

 • Pounds per strap – Listed along with a specific strap length such as 600 lbs for a 4 ft strap. These ratings determine how many straps are needed for a given load and installation length. Review certification data sheets to identify official load ratings when available.

Product Certification

Reputable perforated hanger strap manufacturers provide product certification showing compliance with national standards. Key certification bodies include:

 ASTM International – Validates materials, dimensions, and mechanical properties.

 • MSS Standard Practice – Confirms manufacturing processes and quality controls.

 International Code Council – Listings for conformity with building codes.

 Certification verifies critical performance characteristics like tensile strength, weight tolerances, and weld quality. This validates the product’s suitability for the intended Construction metal straps support application.

Strap Type and Accessories

Hanger straps, such as Flexible hanger strips, come in a variety of designs, sizes, and with additional accessories:

• Plain Strap – Simple perforated strap without end attachments.

 • D.D. Strap – Straps with diamond deformed ends for greater load strength.

• Punched Strap – Integral centered or offset support holes in the ends.

 • All Thread Rods – Used to connect Galvanized strap supports straps together or hang from overhead supports.

 • Turnbuckles – Provides adjustment by tensioning the hanging assembly. Consider combinations of strap types, lengths, and accessories to create customized hanging solutions.

Purchasing perforated hanger straps involves evaluating multiple product variables from gauge, width, and holes to load rating and certifications. Keeping the end-use environment and load requirements in mind will guide the selection of the optimal strap specifications. Partnering with reputable suppliers that inventory a wide range of HVAC hanger straps and accessories ensures you get the right components for your unique installation needs. With the proper hanger straps on hand, you can tackle any industrial or commercial hanging application with confidence.

Key Takeaways When Buying Perforated Hanger Straps

• Choose the appropriate gauge thickness based on the weight of items being hung

• Match strap width to the size of pipe, conduit, or ductwork for proper load support • Evaluate hole size and pattern based on needed adjustability and strength

• Confirm product load ratings against system requirements

• Look for straps certified by ASTM and other standards organizations

• Consider Wall mounting metal strips strap types and accessories to create full hanging assemblies


With heavy items hanging in the balance, perforated hanger straps must provide reliable structural support. Keeping key specifications like gauge, width, holes, and ratings in mind will ensure you select the proper products. Shopping with reputable suppliers of certified straps and accessories, like Plumbing strap hangers, gives you a single source for complete hanging solutions. Follow these guidelines and you can be confident your perforated metal hanger straps will securely suspend critical components while meeting code requirements.

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