Proper pipe support is crucial in industrial, commercial, and residential settings to prevent damage, leakage, and flow disruption. Galvanized pipe hanger straps offer a durable, versatile solution for securely mounting pipes. This article will explore what galvanized pipe hanger straps are their key benefits, types, applications, top brands, and best practices for maintenance.


Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

The integrity of piping is vital in plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, industrial processing, and utility distribution systems. Inadequate pipe support can lead to failure, accidents, and expensive repairs. Hanger systems properly space, align, and anchor pipes, protecting functionality and longevity.

Galvanized pipe hanger straps are reliable, corrosion-resistant components designed to firmly suspend pipes. The galvanized coating delivers durability even in harsh conditions. Compared to makeshift solutions, purpose-designed galvanized hangers provide robust support while preventing pipe damage.

This guide will delve into galvanized pipe hanger straps, their advantages, types, usage in various industries, top products, and recommendations for optimal performance. Proper selection and installation of galvanized hangers enable efficient, long-lasting pipe support.

Understanding Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

Pipe hanger straps are steel supports that suspend pipes like walls, floors, and ceilings from structural members. Galvanization applies a protective zinc coating to the steel, preventing rust and corrosion.

Galvanized pipe hangers have slots or perforations for adjustable mounting with bolts or rods. Some feature loops on the ends to quickly hang pipes. The galvanized coating allows use in wet, outdoor, or chemical-heavy environments.

Compared to bare steel, the galvanized layer boosts longevity by deterring degradation. It is crucial for pipe supports, which are difficult to access and replace. Galvanized pipe hangers maintain integrity for decades, supporting pipes safely and reliably.

Advantages of Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

Several key benefits make galvanized straps an ideal pipe-hanging solution:

Corrosion Resistance

The zinc galvanized coating prevents rust, pitting, and other corrosion by protecting the base steel. Even with moisture, condensation, or chemicals, galvanized hangers maintain their strength. It makes them well-suited for indoor and outdoor applications.

Durability and Longevity

Galvanization enhances durability and extends the working lifespan of pipe strap hangers. While untreated steel may weaken and fail within a few years, galvanized straps often serve reliably for over 50 years. It saves on maintenance, replacement, and repairs over time.


The long service life and corrosion resistance lead to long-term cost savings. Galvanized hangers reduce upkeep demands and prevent premature deterioration, saving money compared to other materials. Their reliability also avoids expensive pipe damage from inadequate support.

Types of Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

There are a few key types of galvanized pipe hanger straps, each suited for particular applications:

Perforated Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

These have regularly spaced perforations along the length for adjustable mounting. Multiple mounting points allow accommodation of different pipe sizes. Perforated straps can be cut-to-length on site for versatility.

Loop Style Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

Loop-style hangers have curved ends that wrap around pipes. It enables quick hanging of pipes by slipping the loops over a rod or bolt. Loop hangers provide speedy installation and repositioning when required.

Riser Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

Riser straps feature longer slots to securely attach pipes in vertical orientations. They prevent side-to-side movement on risers in multistory buildings. Riser straps also nicely handle expansion and contraction.

Key Considerations for Selection

Proper selection of galvanized pipe hanger straps involves:

Load-Bearing Capacity

Hangers must be rated to safely support the pipe’s weight and contents. Heavier plastic and metal pipes require stronger hangers than lightweight PEX or PVC. Exceeding the load limit risks dangerous failure.

Installation and Adjustability

Hangers should allow adjustability during installation and permit expansion/contraction post-installation. Position hangers at recommended spacing intervals to evenly distribute the load.

Compatibility with Pipe Materials

Beware of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. Use plastic sleeves or tape where needed to isolate pipe materials from hangers. Consult manufacturer guidelines.

Applications of Galvanized Pipe Hanger Straps

Galvanized pipe hangers serve in diverse industrial and infrastructure settings:

Plumbing and HVAC Systems

Hangers properly support supply and drain piping, preventing leaks and blockages. They distribute the load and allow movement in hot water lines. Straps suspend HVAC ducting and refrigerant lines securely.

Industrial Pipelines

Galvanized hangers withstand vibrations, extremes, chemicals, and weather in processing plants, power plants, and utilities. They provide robust fuel gas, steam, chemicals, wastewater, and more support.

Construction and Infrastructure

Buildings, bridges, tunnels, and platforms rely on galvanized hangers for long-term pipe support. The layers of protection ensure durability in concrete and other harsh construction environments.

Top Galvanized Pipe Hanger Strap Manufacturers

Anvil International

Anvil is trusted globally for quality hangers, straps, and supports. Their galvanized hangers include:

  • AnvilStrut pipe straps – heavy-duty perforated straps fit 1⁄2” to 48 pipes.
  • Anvil Power Strut hardware – clamps, fittings, and accessories for complete support.
  • Anvil Fig. 105 J-bolts – top-rated for suspending large pipes from concrete.

Erico Caddy

Electrico Caddy provides superior-performing hangers and fasteners. Their highlights include:

  • Erico Caddy Pyramid pipe hangers – unique 4-point design evenly distributes the load.
  • Erico Caddy CADWELD technology – welds components for extreme environments.
  • Erico Caddy Mighty Pipe Clamps – adjustable clamps anchor large diameter pipes.

Both companies offer hangers in various sizes, materials, and load capacities for any application.

Jiangmen Masters

For over 16 years, Jiangmen Masters Hardware Products Co., Ltd has been a leading manufacturer in the pipe hanger and support industry. With its exceptional production quality, the company has built a worldwide reputation for manufacturing high-performing, durable products. Jiangmen Masters is globally renowned for its commitment to product excellence and outstanding service. Through continual innovation and improvement, Jiangmen Masters has established itself as a trusted partner known for supplying top-tier pipe hanging solutions to meet client needs.

Maintenance and Inspection

Regular inspection and maintenance ensure galvanized pipe hangers remain in good condition:

  • Periodically check for signs of corrosion and damage.
  • Test hangers for looseness, misalignment, and load capacity.
  • Repair or replace compromised straps to prevent pipe failure.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for re-torquing and re-coating.

Proactive maintenance maximizes the safe working lifespan of galvanized pipe supports.


Galvanized pipe hanger straps provide adjustable, long-lasting, affordable support for suspended pipes. The galvanized coating boosts durability and resistance to corrosion. Hangers come in perforated, loop, riser, and other styles for versatility across applications. Proper selection and installation enable galvanized straps to maintain pipe integrity and functionality for decades. Companies like Anvil and Erico Caddy manufacture top-tier galvanized pipe hangers suitable for the most demanding projects. Following recommended maintenance practices, facility managers can rely on robust galvanized hangers to securely anchor piping systems over the long haul.


Q: Can galvanized pipe hangers support PVC or plastic pipes?

A: Yes, galvanized hangers safely support many pipe materials, including PVC and plastics. Use plastic sleeves to prevent direct contact if needed.

Q: What is the typical spacing between galvanized pipe hangers?

A: Optimal spacing is typically 10 feet or less for horizontal runs. Vertical piping may require closer spacing, like every floor or 8 feet.

Q: How do you properly install perforated strap hangers?

A: Use suitable bolts or rods through multiple strap holes to provide adjustable mounting and prevent sideways movement.

Q: What causes galvanic corrosion with mixed metal pipes?

A: An electrolytic reaction between dissimilar metals in contact and moisture. Use isolation materials between different metals.

Q: How often should pipe hanger straps be inspected?

A: Pipe hanger straps should be visually inspected yearly. Critical applications may warrant inspection every six months. Check for wear, looseness, and corrosion.


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